Woodystore was founded in 2021 with one simple goal: Helping the world
with sustainable jewelry. As a Dutch webshop, we are currently focusing our arrows
on the national market, but are certainly looking
across the border. We do this not only with our webshop, we help by planting trees
all over the world. world.

With every tree we make the world a little greener

Wooden jewelery and watches are incredibly sturdy, beautiful and above all durable. However, we do believe that far too much wood is being cut all over the world. This therefore leads to a dichotomy. Because on the one hand we want to offer sustainable products, but on the other hand we don't want to contribute too much to the massive deforestation of our world.

That's why we work together with 'One Tree Planted'. This is an international charity that is committed to the reforestation of critical forests and nature reserves. Woodystore works together with local farmers and authorities to plant new, native trees in the Montane forests of Uganda. These forests are located in the Albertine Rift, a beautiful place that is home to a lot of flora and fauna. Due to the changing climate and massive deforestation in Uganda, nature and many animal species are at risk. In the future, our trees will become home to countless birds and other animals, such as the chimpanzee.
For every bracelet or anklet sold, we donate no less than one whole tree to this area. We donate no less than two trees for every watch sold!

Customer service

A good customer is a satisfied customer.
We therefore attach great importance to good customer service.
To ensure that you can always be helped as well as possible, we have several ways
with which you can reach us:

Do you have a question, a complaint or do you want more information about a product?
Send us an email. This can be done via: Info@woodystore.nl

Would you rather speak to us personally and receive an immediate answer?
Then you can simply call us during working hours:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
Our number is:
+31 30 2273640

Sending a message via Whatsapp is also possible.
This is always possible and can be sent to the above telephone number.
We answer as quickly as possible, and are ready according to the same working hours as our telephone option.


We believe that the future of watches (and jewellery) lies in wood and other sustainable materials. We therefore use honest materials such as wood, crystal and stone for all our products. Each watch is made with a quartz movement from Miyoto, so we are sure of the very best quality.

Please note, wood is a natural product. One of the great things about wood is that every watch or bracelet is unique. The lines through the wood are so unique that no two pieces of wood are the same. Your new watch will probably differ slightly from the product photo. Logical, because a watchmaker has selected wood especially for your timepiece. Of course we carefully check every watch for quality so that they meet the strictest requirements. Another big advantage of wood is that it is a lot lighter than steel. This makes our watches and bracelets very comfortable to wear.