Maple Aila dames horloge uniek bijzonder

Maple Ayla

Rose Olivia unieke houten dames horloge

Rose Olivia

Marble Elsa horloge dames hout groen

Marble Elsa

Dark Freya dames horloge zwart goud

Dark Freya


Women's wooden watches

The highest quality wooden watches made from sustainable materials.

The original wooden watches for women

Welcome to Woodystore, the jewelry webshop with original and sustainable wooden watches for women. We believe that a good ladies watch not only runs on time, but also keeps up with the times. That is why all our jewelry is made of sustainable materials so that you can proudly wear your new wooden watch. Take a quick look at our range and order today: If you order before 20:00, we will post your package today!

Buying a wooden watch, also for someone else

The wooden watches on our site have been specially put together by us so that there is an option for every style. The high quality standard is not only reflected in our wooden watches, but also in the packaging. Every watch comes in a durable luxury box, making it ideal as a gift for family, friends or your partner. is displayed.

Why choose Woodystore

A wooden watch is strong, often durable and is a real eye-catcher. Yet there are several reasons why more and more shoppers choose Woodystore. It is therefore no wonder that we quickly become one of the best-known names in the field of wooden watches for women. We offer the following:

Your wooden watch plants trees

'Being good for nature' is a position that many companies flaunt. Yet there are few companies that really live up to this. That is why Woodystore thinks it is important to go further than just selling sustainable and environmentally friendly watches.

We will plant two trees for every watch you buy.

For this we work together with “One Tree Planted”, an international organization that is committed to preserving forests and nature. Together with them, we are busy reviving the Montane forests in Uganda, among other things.

A ladies watch wood of the highest quality

Watches must run on time. The seconds must tick very precisely, both now and in a few years. Woodystore has therefore opted for the Miyota movement, a quartz movement of the highest quality.

Sustainable materials

From bamboo wood to natural aspen, all our watches are made from sustainable materials. The only thing to watch out for is the battery. This is not unique to Woodystore, all watch batteries must be handed in at special collection points according to the law. Below you will find more information about this.

Free lightning fast shipping

As mentioned before: orders placed before 20:00 will be shipped the same day. What's extra nice: this is completely free within the Netherlands! Orders that are €60 or more will also be shipped free of charge throughout Europe.

What you need to know about watch batteries

99% of watches run on batteries. Due to the nature of batteries, they are difficult to recycle and should not be thrown in the trash. Old batteries may contain harmful substances or heavy metals. Each battery is marked with symbols to indicate what substances it contains. These are for example:

Pb: The battery contains more than 0.004% lead by mass.

Cd: The battery contains more than 0.002% cadmium by mass.

Hg: The battery contains more than 0.0005% mercury by mass

According to Dutch law, consumers must return empty batteries. You can then also return the used batteries free of charge to our shipping warehouse (see: shipping address) or to the appropriate collection points in your area.

Please follow the instructions above when changing batteries and of course when replacing your current watch.