Wooden Jewelery – Why Are They So Trending?

Houten sieraden – Waarom zijn ze zo trending?

Fun Fact

Wooden watches and jewelry are becoming increasingly popular, both among women and men. These products come in a variety of designs that range in price from around $40 to $450

Wood is as strong as nature and shows your awareness for nature

Wood is a strong material for making jewelry. Wood is also used to build houses, to make tools, to design the interior of the house and so many other things. Wood is environmentally friendly, sustainable and as you can see you can make almost anything with wood! By wearing this jewelry from Woody you contribute to a better world while at the same time being super trending!

Natural dials

Dials come in many types, colours, shapes and materials. We are busy designing new watches. Besides the quality, we find it super important how the dial looks. We want to offer a beautiful natural piece of jewelery for everyone's taste and when viewing and reading a watch, the dial is the largest visible surface. At the moment we offer green marble, mother-of-pearl shell and white shell, among others. These designs give a unique and natural look to our watches.

The classic wooden straps

Both our wooden bracelets and our wooden watches have beautiful straps that are either completely made of wood or inlaid with wood. The type of wood we use is largely bamboo wood. We made this choice because bamboo wood grows quickly and is therefore easy to grow without having to chop down real trees. We plant 2 trees for each watch and 1 tree for each bracelet. As you can see, your wooden watch or wooden piece of jewelry ensures that we can, among other things, increase forests for the (endangered) animal species and provide work, medicines and food for various populations. We also have apple trees planted for local farmers, for example.

Our jewelry is sustainably substantiated

As you have just read, we make most jewelry from bamboo wood because it grows quickly and therefore no trees need to be cut down to produce our products. You have also already read that buying a product from us means that trees are planted in various places in the world where it is most needed. Our wood also complies with, among other things, the CE mark and the FSC mark (against illegal logging). We contribute to a better nature and therefore a better world. Will you join us? Then wear a watch or piece of jewelry from Woodystore.

Are you already convinced?

You don't have to be a ''tree hugger'' by caring about the environment. In fact, most of us already do. But there are many things we can do to help our planet. One is to ensure that our wood products do not destroy the environment. That is why the wood we use is responsible and easily biodegradable. The jewelry lasts for years, so they don't end up in the trash quickly.