Wooden Bracelet - The perfect gift for Christmas!

Houten armband - Het perfecte cadeau voor kerstmis!

Give a wooden bracelet as a gift for Christmas!

The holidays are coming again and probably half of the Netherlands find it difficult to find a nice gift. It's easy if someone already knows what they want, but if that's not the case, you still want to give something nice and unique as a gift. After a lot of searching on the internet you find out that there are many things for sale that the person will probably not use…. We have the solution for you! At Woodystore you can buy beautiful wooden bracelets for both men and women . The bracelets can be worn every day and we have enough varieties in stock to find the perfect bracelet that you want to give as a gift. We also sell wooden watches for men and women, anklets for women, leather bracelets and beaded bracelets for men and women.

How do I determine which bracelet is best to buy for him or her?

It is always quite a job to find a nice wooden piece of jewelery to give as a gift. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles. At Woodystore you not only buy a bracelet, but also the story surrounding it. Our products are made of wood with an FSC quality mark, which means that the wood has been felled under supervision. We also plant 1 tree for every bracelet sold, together with the organization One Tree Planted. There is a beautiful story behind every bracelet. If you are not quite sure which bracelet you want to buy, we give you a few tips:

  1. Look at the colors and style of the outfit of the person you want to give the gift
  2. What personality does he exude
  3. What color car does he drive?
  4. What does the interior of the house look like

With these tips it is probably a bit easier to choose a suitable piece of jewelry. If the person sees another nice bracelet or piece of jewelry on the Woodystore webshop, we can always take the product back if it has not been worn and we can send the correct piece of jewelry if the amount difference has been settled.

What is so special about a wooden bracelet?

Wooden bracelets radiate that you are environmentally conscious. The person who receives this gift can already show it off to all his or her friends, family or acquaintances. Another reason why you want to go for a wooden bracelet is because the bracelets are very durable. The wood and bamboo that we select goes through an intensive quality check to guarantee that there are no weak pieces in the wood. Because of this we dare to give a 2 year warranty!