The best Father's Day gift of 2022: a wooden watch

Het leukste vaderdag cadeau van 2022: een houten horloge

Father's Day 2022

Father's Day 2022 is coming again. Do you want to surprise your dad or partner with a personal, unique gift that will make him really happy? Then choose a wooden watch from Woody.

In this article we tell you more about our wooden men's watches, and why they are perfect for Father's Day. Do you want our entire range of watches for men. All orders placed before 20:00 will be shipped the same working day. If you order on time, we will make sure that your gift is delivered before Father's Day!

When is Father's Day

Father's Day in 2022 will take place on Sunday 19 June. Father's Day always falls on the third Sunday in June. Depending on when you're reading this, it means you may not have very long, and you need a good Father's Day gift fast. Is your house already full of meaningless mugs and standard shirts? Then this year it's time for an original gift that will make every adult man happy: a good watch.

Why a Father's Day watch is so smart

A men's watch is indispensable in every man's wardrobe. From business chic to casual at home, a watch is essential. But that's not the main reason why a watch is the perfect Father's Day gift. It's actually very simple:

A watch helps your father or partner think about his family at any time of the day.

At work, at home or on vacation, a man always wears his watch. Every time he wants to know the time, he will see his father's day watch.

Father's Day gift in luxury packaging

The great thing about our wooden watches is that they are delivered in a luxurious, sustainable packaging. These wooden packagings are not only great as gift packaging for Father's Day, but also the perfect box to store and store a watch. You get this box for free when you buy one of our watches.

What makes a wooden watch so unique

There is a good chance that your father or partner already has a watch. You don't want to give a watch for Father's Day that looks very much like his current watch. What is a better option than a wooden watch. It is unique, stands out and makes for a sustainable gift. Because a wooden watch from Woodystore not only looks cool, it has many advantages:

Made of sustainable materials

Each of our wooden watches is unique, but all are made from only the most durable materials. Wood can be grown indefinitely, making it a lot more durable than a metal or even precious metal watch.

It is a unique piece of handicraft that everyone is curious about

Every wooden watch from Woodystore is handmade by watch experts. Each wooden link is selected for wood quality and pattern. Each timepiece is carefully assembled by the most precise watchmakers in the world. This makes a Woody wooden watch a true masterpiece. Something that not only your father will notice, but also other men. The nice thing is that our customers often receive many positive reactions from their environment, something that every man secretly likes.

Woody plants 2 trees for every watch purchased

Sustainability is central to Woodystore. Not only in our collection of wooden men's watches, but also in our mission to combat deforestation. We work together with charities and local businesses to protect and replant critical forests. This way we can amply compensate for our wood consumption in our own way.