These are the nicest wooden watches and jewelry for women

Dames horloge van hout met doosje

These are the nicest wooden watches and jewelry for women

Jewelry is an extension of your style. It is the finishing touch to a look, or the centerpiece of your outfit. Nowadays there are many different types of jewelry available, but not every type is equally good and durable.

At Woodystore we care not only about a good look, but also about a healthy world. That is why our entire collection is sustainably and ecologically sourced and produced. Curious about our complete collection? Then view the Woody jewelry ladies.

Responsible women's jewelery for a sustainable mindset

If there's one thing we dislike, it's fast fashion. Fast fashion and low quality accessories that often end up in the landfill after a few wears. Not only does this add to all the waste in the world, it also consumes raw materials that are never used for anything else.

That is why we take a completely different approach at Woodystore: we only sell women's jewelery that is completely sustainable. With our brand 'Woody' you not only have very cool accessories, you can also wear them with pride. Your new Woody jewelry is the environmentally friendly showpiece that everyone respects.

We not only use responsible materials such as sustainable wood, natural crystals and more. We also plant a tree for every piece of jewelry we sell! Your purchase is therefore equivalent to a new tree that will be tall and strong in the future. We are currently contributing to the replanting of the Montane forests in Uganda.

Women's jewelry from Woodystore

At Woodystore we set high standards for all our jewelry and accessories. It is not for nothing that our customers praise us for the high quality and knowledge as a jewelry webshop. In addition to wooden jewelry, we also use natural products such as pearls, shells and more. Our categories can be divided as follows:

Wooden watches for women

These are our absolute showpieces. We have one of the best collections of wooden watches for women. This is a collection that is very varied, no watch in our collection is the same. For example, our Dark Freya is a beautiful black watch made of sustainable ebony and the Marble Elsa is made of the great environmentally friendly bamboo wood!

But the uniqueness of our products does not stop there. Logically, wood is a natural product. Because it is made of real wood, every watch is truly unique. The wood patterns on your wooden watch will not be found on any other watch. As a result, you literally wear a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, and few other people can say that.

A nice bonus at Woodystore is that we plant not 1 but 2 trees for every wooden watch sold!

Sustainable bracelets

The bracelet is an indispensable part of every woman's jewelery box. If there's one accessory we can recommend, it's one of our sustainable bracelets.

We have a good option for every style and every occasion. Are you looking for a chic bracelet for yourself or as a gift? Then the Lucky Anthena or Luxury Rebel is perfect, they even come in a luxury package! Are you looking for a casual bracelet that matches your sustainable style? Then take a look at the Summer Ibiza or one of our many other bracelets.

Ankle Bracelets

An anklet is actually a very special piece of jewelry.Here in the Netherlands it is extremely popular among connoisseurs, but many Dutch people have not heard much about it. The anklet, which is also known internationally as anklet, is an accessory that is often worn in Asia. It is perhaps the most relevant article for someone who wants to radiate the ecological and responsible. Sustainability and an ankle bracelet therefore go hand in hand (or rather, foot in foot).